UCB - Short Show
2015 Daytime Emmy Awards
Pukekos TV - Brooklyn Public Network
Comic Con 2015
Festival d'Annecy
Butt What Is Art? A Sanjay and Craig Fine Art Retrospective
2014 Daytime Emmy Awards
SF Sketchfest
Comic Con 2014
Three Minute Film Fest
RVCA - Eat My Shorts
111 Minna - unEarthed
Nickelodeon - Sanjay and Craig Premiere
Comic Con 2013
Nozstock Festival
2012 Fest Anca International Animation Festival
Fecal Face Dot Gallery - Edible Complex
Pictoplasma Conference and Festival
Big Screen Plaza
Baby Tattooville Presents: Inside Out
PBS Premiere on WQLN - Honest Man
Fecal Face Dot Gallery - Midnight on the Sun
PBS WPSU - Honest Man Broadcast
RVCA - Eat My Shorts
PCN - Honest Man Network Premiere
Allegheny College - Honest Man Screening in Meadville
Market Arcade Film and Art Centre - Honest Man Screening in Buffalo
BigPond Adelaide Film Festival
The Guild Theater - Honest Man Screening in Sacramento
Sugar Mountain Festival
Fecal Face Dot Gallery - Mel Kadel & Travis Millard
Royal T - Honest Man Screening in LA
111 Minna Gallery - Born Again (Again)
Double Break Gallery - Double Break Group Show
Mercyhurst College - Honest Man Screening in Erie
Carl E. Smith Contemporary Gallery - SLASH Group Show
Midtown Cinema - Honest Man Screening in Harrisburg
Village of Spaces Corners
Rev Vic Movie House - Honest Man Screening in San Francisco
Carmel Arts & Film Festival
Giant Robot - Fare Thee Well
Transistor Radio Film Night : Imagination
FIFTY24SF Gallery - Henceforth and Whatnot
FIFTY24SF Gallery - Haricots Magiques by Porous Walker
FTC Tokyo
111 Minna - Excellent Condition
Okay Mountain - Ballads For Approaching Vultures
G4's Attack of the Show
14th Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
MMTB Festival
Film Fort
2009 China International Animation Festival
Zombie Short Film Festival
Animation Night II
Channel Fredarator - The High Seas!
111 Minna - Sea of Love
The 3rd annual Floating World Animation Fest
RVCA - Mellow/Not So Mellow
111 Minna - Worship Thee Kindly The Dark Hand That Guides Me
Helsing Junction Sleepover
Begged, Borrowed & Stolen: The Socha Film Project
IndyMogul - The Best Short Films in the World
111 Minna - Punks Git Cut
The Indy Gathering Film Festival
Trasharama A-go-go
Chicago Reel Shorts